Tallest Sailing Yacht In The World Worth $500 Million Makes Maiden Voyage

On 12 March, Jeff Bezos’s new yacht, Koru, went to Palma after setting sail on her maiden voyage from Gibraltar. Koru is reportedly understood to have cost Jeff Bezos about $485 million.

Credit: Dutch Yachting/YouTube

She is the tallest yacht in the world, with three gorgeous, towering masts measuring over 230 feet and a crew comprising 60 members. She’s one of the top 25 greatest vessels worldwide and the biggest to ever leave The Netherlands.

Bezos had originally commissioned the yacht to be constructed in 2021 (May) by a Dutch-based boating major named Oceanco, and the project was dubbed Y721.

Rumours suggest she has multiple decks, a pool, and a relatively smaller yacht with a helipad to permit the billionaire access from and to the boat.

Reference: Moneycontrol, Majorca Daily Bulletin

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