Teenage Girl Found 12 Days After She Went Missing On Board African-Bound Ship

Parents know the anxiety of allowing their children to venture out on their own for the first time – especially when they don’t make it back in time for dinner. Most of them are innocent and simply having too much fun, but unfortunately, some take advantage of the trust given and break the rules.

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Isobel Scott, a 15-year-old from Edinburgh in 1957, certainly pushed this to new limits when she disappeared following a trip to the movies one night.

Desperate pleas were issued everywhere in an attempt to locate her. Still, it seemed as though she was gone for good until 12 days later when she was found on board a 3,000-ton Panamanian cargo steamer bound for Casablanca in Western Morocco.

Hiding out in her quarters, Isobel had set out alone that night from Earl Haig Gardens just off Ferry Road – yet only after 12 days was she finally located.

Reference: UK Daily News, MSN

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