The Largest Cruise Ship In The World To Call Port Canaveral Home

Wonder of the Seas cruise vessel that belongs to Royal Caribbean, and is the largest worldwide, is officially going to call Port Canaveral its year-round home this Friday.

The Port is known to be breaking the revenue records as it pushes forward following the pandemic and a major reason is the blooming cruise industry.

The newest vessel to be home ported is the Royal Caribbean’s flagship with a capacity to accommodate about 7,000 passengers with 18 decks and is 16 stories high.

The cruise line is currently banking on the appeal of the number of options for food, activities, drinks, and entertainment following a “more is more” approach.

Wonder of the Seas
Credits: Royal Caribbean

The passengers who sail out of Port Canaveral are familiar with Harmony as it has been here. But what they are about to experience on Wonder is apparently plus, plus, plus, explained Mike Szwajkowski, the Director of Wonder of the Seas Cruise.

There are over 40 places to eat and drink with dedicated areas for families, an area for adult- and teens-only zones. There’s an open-air section in the vessel’s interior known as the Central Park that’s lined with high-end restaurants, offering a feeling that you are miles onshore.

And a first for Royal Caribbean — there will be a country music and southern cuisine restaurant.
That is plenty for Jule Eubanks, a travel agent to sell to her clients who are based in Maryland. She is sailing on a two-day cruise for experiencing it firsthand.

She added that she is making use of the fact that it’s a new vessel, and that it’s the biggest until now. And it has the extras already onboard, Eubanks mentioned.

As the vessel brings Eubanks and other passengers back, there’ll be a naming and blessing ceremony held on Friday to officially make Canaveral the year-round home port. But at the same time, it is also bringing better options for cruisers in central Florida and businesses to the area.

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