The World’s First Wind Fishing Integrated Design Receives Authoritative Certification

Recently, the world’s first floating wind fishing integrated platform design developed by China Longyuan Electric Power Group Corporation Limited of CHN ENERGY based on the Group Company’s scientific and technological project “R&D and Engineering Demonstration of Floating Offshore Wind Power Key Technologies” was awarded the Approval in Principle (AIP) Certificate of China Classification Society (CCS), marking the recognition of the design by industry authorities and the completion of another important milestone in project construction.

Wind Fishing
Credit: China Classification Society

With the scope of offshore wind power development gradually moving towards deep seas, a wave of floating wind power technology research and engineering demonstration has been set off worldwide.

China Longyuan Electric Power Group Corporation Limited strives to achieve multi-space and multi-level sharing of “platform structure, ocean space, and operational functions” by breaking through the conventional wind power development model, adopting the innovative concept of “on-water power generation and underwater fish farming”, and integrating floating wind power development with deep-sea fisheries and aquaculture.

This project is proposed to be built in the National Marine Ranch Demonstration Area on Nanri Island, Fujian Province, involving 14 disciplines such as overall performance, structure, mooring, machinery, electrical appliances, aquaculture, etc. The system is featured strong system functionality and great technical challenges.

After strict review by CCS, the design of this project meets the current major domestic and foreign specifications and is finally awarded an AIP certificate since it has good safety performance and meets the operation requirements under marine environmental conditions in the sea area of the site.

This winning of the certificate approved by CCS has provided a strong technical guarantee for smooth grid connection, production, and safe operation of the project, having a good demonstration significance for the integration of deep-sea floating wind power development and deep-sea fisheries and aquaculture in China.

Reference: CCS

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