Three Tonnes of Cocaine Seized From Submarine In Columbia, 3 Arrested

On Friday, the Colombian authorities seized a submarine transporting cocaine in the Pacific Ocean.

The vessel was 30 meters long and was loaded with over three tons of cocaine, per the Navy authorities.

Three Tonnes of Cocaine seized from Submarine in Columbia
Credits: @ArmadaColombia / Twitter

It was discovered by radars from navy vessels deployed in the Pacific Ocean.

Military personnel could successfully recover 102 packages and tried refloating the semi-submersible vessel. However, finally, it had to be sunk so it did not negatively impact the navigation in the area.

The detainees were aged 54, 45, and 63 years old. They said they were compelled to embark on the journey by a drug trafficking group to transport the drugs to Central America.

The subjects were reportedly transferred to the district of Tumaco to testify before the relevant authorities.

In 2023, the Colombian Pacific Naval Force intercepted four semi-submersibles transporting drugs.

References: Wion News, Euro News, Yahoo! News

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