Top 10 Waterproof Floating Phone Cases

We always carry our phones with us, whether on a sailing trip, while doing some water activity or while spending time by the beach. However, when phones come in contact with water, they often malfunction. A better approach is to buy a waterproof floating phone case that can withstand water.

However, which are the best waterproof floating phone cases?

Today, we will share the top ten list and a buying guide to help you choose between these ten waterproof floating phone cases.

What should you know when buying a waterproof floating phone case?

While comparing the different floating phone cases, consider the following parameters to choose the best one.

Waterproof rating: The phone case should ideally have a waterproof rating of IPX 8. Such a rating will protect your phone up to 30 meters.

Phone size compatibility: Measure your phone screen size diagonally and after that, choose the cover. After putting your phone inside, the cover should have at least some extra space. If you do not want to measure the phone screen size manually, search for the specifications of your phone online, and you can discover these specifications.

Material: Waterproof floating phone cases should be made from materials like PVC or TPU. Only then will they be long-lasting.

Accessories: The phone case should have basic accessories like a lanyard or a buckle.

Usability: If you prefer to use your phone underwater, buy a floating phone case that is waterproof and allows using the screen and take photos. Consider this metric before choosing the phone cover.

When going through the top ten best waterproof floating phone cases below, compare them on these parameters, and you can buy the right one without any confusion.

1. JOTO Floating Waterproof Phone Holder Pouch

The universal size of this phone case ensures that any 7-inch phone or less can fit into this floating case. The air-padded design ensures that the case floats in any water body.

With a waterproof rating of IPX8 up to 100 feet, it is entirely waterproof, snowproof, and dustproof. The heavy-duty TPU construction makes it long-lasting. In addition to the clear colour, there are three more colour options. The secure locking mechanism ensures that the water doesn’t seep through the locking mechanism on top.


  • Universal size
  • Heavy-duty TPU construction
  • Available in four colour options
  • IPX8 waterproof rating
  • It fits phones up to 7 inches (diagonally)
  • Secure locking mechanism


  • Difficult to read the screen through it

2. Pelican 2 Pack Marine – IP68 Waterproof Phone Pouch

The sensitive surface of this case ensures that you can do so if you want to press the side buttons or partially operate the phone when it is in the case. The high-quality soft TPU material provides an IP68 waterproof rating of up to 3.3 feet and a reliable locking mechanism. The clear window design makes it easy to perform basic tasks like clicking on notifications.

The operational ability makes this waterproof floating phone case a good choice. As long as your phone screen is up to 6.1 inches, you can store your phone in this case. It is also suitable for underwater photography because of proper camera access and sensitive touch. You get a detachable keychain lanyard for both cases, which come in the package.


  • Heavy-duty TPU material
  • Comes with accessories
  • IP68 waterproof rating
  • Allows to operate the phone
  • Secure locking mechanism


Compatible with phones up to 6.1 inches only

3. F-color Clear Waterproof Phone Case

The IPX8 waterproof rating of up to 20 m and dirt-proof and snowproof design because of the sturdy locking mechanism makes this phone case reliable. The case material is such that you can use the touchscreen for basic functions. If your phone has a diagonal size of 7.2 inches or less, this phone cover is a good choice for it.

The luminous border on the sides, secure locking seal, and strap make it easy to use. Couple that with TPU construction and scratchproof design, and it is easy to understand why this set of four cases is such a good choice.


  • Suitable for phones up to 7.2 inches in screen size
  • IPX8 waterproof rating
  • Snow-proof and dust-proof
  • Luminous border
  • Includes accessories


  • The strap isn’t of good quality.

4. ProCase Floating Waterproof Phone Pouch

The pair of these phone cases has almost every feature you might look for, like compatibility with phones up to 7 inches diagonally, an IPX8 waterproof rating of up to 100 feet, heavy-duty TPU material, and a secure locking mechanism.

Apart from that, it is snow and dustproof, providing complete protection. You can operate the phone to a limited extent. The secure locking mechanism can keep your phone dry, whether in the water or beside the water. Thus, it is a reliable case to buy.


  • IPX8 waterproof rating
  • Heavy-duty TPU material
  • Secure locking mechanism
  • Compatible with phones up to 7 inches
  • Touch friendly


  • The top is a bit narrow.

5. Wellhouse Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch

The 3-D design of this TPU-based floating phone case makes it worth buying. It is easy to use because of this 3-D form factor. Compatibility with a 7-inch phone screen size makes it suitable for most phones. Numerous colour options make it easy to choose one according to your requirement.

The tight locking mechanism is why it has an IPX8 waterproof rating of up to 30 meters. Besides that, it can handle snow and dust pretty well. It comes with a lanyard for easier use. With all the necessary features, you cannot go wrong with this phone case.


  • 3-D design
  • IPX8 waterproof rating
  • Compatible with phones up to 7 inches
  • Comes with a lanyard
  • Numerous colour options


  • Securing mechanism has a learning curve.

6. Humixx Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch

The 3D design of this phone cover, along with the IPX8 waterproof rating, ensures that it is easy to operate your smartphone underwater and can resist water completely.

And the sturdy TPU construction makes it long-lasting. You also get a lanyard and a secure sealing mechanism, making it easy to trust the case with your smartphone. Compatibility with phones up to 7.8 inches diagonally makes it an excellent case.


  • IPX8 waterproof rating
  • Compatible with phones up to 7.8 inches
  • Comes with a lanyard
  • 3D design
  • Easy to operate your phone


  • Putting the phone inside takes some effort

7. Karvense Waterproof Cell Phone Holder

This one won’t disappoint you if you’re looking for a set of four covers. It is water resistant up to 30m and snow-proof and dust-proof. The floating design keeps your phone protected.

Quad-layer protection makes it more reliable than many other phone cases. It is compatible with phones up to 6.9 inches diagonally, which makes it suitable for credit cards, cash, and other small things. Couple that with the lanyard, and it is easy to understand why it is so reliable.


  • Set of 4
  • Water resistant up to 30 feet
  • Versatile
  • Easy-to-use locking mechanism


  • Suitable only for phones up to 6.9 inches

8. YOSH Floatable Waterproof Phone Case

The USP of this phone cover is that it can make even heavier phones up to 250 g float. IPX8 waterproof rating of up to 30m makes it reliable. Size compatibility of 7.5 inches makes it suitable for most smartphones.

A pack of 2 makes it easy to have a redundant waterproof floating case. Along with that, you get a lanyard. Premium TPU material makes it long-lasting. The clear construction makes it easy to use underwater. With these features, you cannot go wrong with this waterproof floating phone case.


  • Compatible with phones up to 7.5 inches
  • IPX8 waterproof rating
  • Comes with a lanyard
  • Easy to use the phone underwater


  • The lanyard can be longer

9. Aussumy 10.5″ XL Large Waterproof Phone Pouch

Need an even larger waterproof floating phone Case?

If so, this one with a size compatibility of 10.5 inches is undoubtedly a good choice. The three-pack design makes it easy to buy it for your entire family. IPX 8 waterproof rating of up to 30 m certainly makes it reliable.

Transparent PVC material makes viewing the screen and operating the phone easy. Apart from water protection, this cover comes with a buckle hook and offers drop protection. The closing and opening mechanisms are easy to use. If you’re looking for a larger cover, go with this one.


  • Compatible with phones up to 10.5 inches
  • It uses transparent PVC material
  • Comes with a buckle hook
  • Drop protection on offer


  • PVC material is a bit sticky

10. Niveaya Double Space Floating Waterproof Phone Pouch

The pair of cases we are highlighting now can fit phones up to 7 inches diagonally. The cover is user-friendly, so you can use it to identify your fingerprint or face ID. Touch-friendly construction makes it easy to use your phone underwater and take photos and videos. IPX 8 waterproof rating of up to 30m is another reason to go for it.

The sealing mechanism is simple and easy. The polyvinyl chloride construction certainly makes it reliable. You get to choose between three colour options. Thus, if you’re looking for a case that allows you to use touch ID or face ID underwater, this is the one that you should go with.


  • IPX 8 waterproof rating
  • Easy to use the phone underwater
  • Compatible with phones up to 7 inches
  • Simple sealing mechanism


  • Finishing can be better
  • PVC material makes it difficult to put the phone inside

No need to worry about your phone when you go to the beach or indulge in water activities. Simply go with any waterproof floating phone case, and you can protect your phone throughout your activity. In case of confusion, refer to our buying guide above, and you can buy a reliable phone case in no time.

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