Turkish Shippers House 3,000 People Left Homeless After The Earthquake In Ships 

As the death toll from the Turkey-Syria earthquake continues mounting, thousands of individuals have been left homeless. In 10 provinces across the southeastern part of Turkey, many individuals have been sleeping in cars and tents in freezing temperatures for a week. 

Against such a backdrop, a Turkey-based firm Karadeniz Holding has declared its plans to send vessels capable of housing about 3,000 individuals.

The firm will also join relief efforts in the southern province of Hatay. This will be its first-ever humanitarian mission. 

Officials mentioned that they had been working with the authorities to send aid vessels dubbed Rauf Bey and Suheyla Sultan to Iskenderun-Hatay. Each will be able to house close to 1,500 individuals.

The “life ships” boast fridges, TVs, heating appliances, and facilities for healthcare, education, and food. 

Turkish shippers
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Per an update that quoted Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the death count has now hit 21,043. In the meantime, war-torn Syria has also seen about 3,553 deaths.

Temperatures are down below freezing across the large region, and several individuals have no shelter. The Turkish government has actively distributed millions of hot meals, tents, and blankets but has yet to be able to reach a lot of people who are in need.

As aid keeps arriving, a 99-member group belonging to the medical assistance team of the Indian Army has been treating the injured individuals in a temporary field hospital that is based in Iskenderun, where a main hospital had been demolished.

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