UAE Gets Its First-Ever Uncrewed Surface Vessel

Fugro Pegasus’ navigation licensing denotes the first registration of an over-the-horizon USV in the UAE, making Blue Essence USV the first-ever vessel in its class to satisfy the operational standards of several independent maritime authorities.

Credit: Fugro

The 12-meter Blue Essence vessel, developed by SEA-KIT International, was particularly designed for examining subsea assets and can be controlled from any part of the world. The Remote Inspection Solution reportedly incorporates Blue Volta e-ROV that extends the examination portfolio up to a water depth of 400 meters.

Per Fugro, the USV’s advanced systems and array of advanced geophysical sensors permit site characterization surveys and subsea inspection assets, empowering it to carry out operations with a 95% reduction of emissions compared to traditional vessel operations.

Fugro introduced Blue Essence USV in October 2022 in Abu Dhabi. The vessel was introduced at the Mugharraq port and set sail to Al Mirfa, the home to the Fugro Pegasus and the central hub of Fugro’s autonomous and remote operations in the UAE.

Reference: Zawya, Offshore Energy

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