Ugandan Uses Plastic Waste To Build An Eco-Friendly Vessel

A man based in Luzira, Uganda, has devised an innovative way to recycle plastics by making a large vessel of plastic waste and eco-friendly materials.

Africa’s Lake Victoria, the second-largest freshwater lake in the world spanning three countries, is now plagued by pollution, including sand mining, runoff waste, and a rapid decline in water levels in part due to climate change.

Layers of plastic waste float close to beaches during monsoon, a sign of pollution that worries the fishing communities reliant on the lake.

Eco-Friendly Vessel
Credits: Africa News

James Kateeba, the man, started by asking local fishermen working in nearby landing sites to help collect plastic bottles in exchange for a small fee.

Over 10 tons of bottles were brought to the creator in six months.

Batches were reportedly tied up in fishing nets and also packed with dirt, creating solid bases anchoring the boat but which are fertile grounds for climbing plants.

His boat is a significant attraction for those visiting the Island. Kateeba’s conservation efforts are paying off since the roots from shrubs and fig trees offer a breeding ground for fish. He hopes that his creation, dubbed the Floating Island, is going to encourage recycling and end up littering in Lake Victoria.

References: Africa News, Maravi Post

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