Ukraine Says Ship With Wheat For Ethiopia Reaches Destination As Part Of Anti-Famine Push

A vessel with Ukraine’s wheat destined for Ethiopia reached the port on Saturday, the first vessel that sailed as part of a push to transport food to nations that are most vulnerable to drought and famine, President Volodymyr Zelensky mentioned.

Last Saturday, Ukraine and allied countries reportedly launched an initiative to export $150 million worth of grain to Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Congo, Sudan, South Sudan, and Yemen.

Ukraine Mentions That Ship With Wheat For Ethiopia Reaches
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We ship food and hope; Zelenskiy explained in a tweet with a short clip of a vessel loaded with 25,000 tons of wheat meant for Ethiopia that he said had reached the port of Doraleh, in Djibouti.

Zelenskiy added on Friday that by early 2023, almost 60 ships would’ve delivered their cargoes.

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