Ukrainian Ship Captain Receives News Of Losing Family Members In Explosion

A Ukrainian citizen who captains a vessel on Lough Foyle that lies between Donegal and Derry has lost his mother, wife, and daughter in an explosion during Russia’s invasion. Michael White, the chair of Donegal’s Green Party, mentioned that the incident highlights the harsh reality of events taking place in Ukraine and the massive impact.

Mr White added that the man stranded in Lough Foyle received the news recently that his family members had reportedly been killed by a Russian bomb. The captain will head back to Ukraine soon.

In this context, he mentioned that the man is trying to fly home from Belfast airport to return home while the war persists. He emphasized the importance of considering how serious the matter could turn out to be.

Mr White also spoke about the issue of rising fuel costs due to demand- and supply-related problems. He said that there will have to be more steps taken to try and control the situation.


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