UN Chief: Convention On The Law Of The Sea More Relevant Than Before

As the ocean continues “in dire straits,” the unique landmark UN Convention on the Law of the Sea reportedly adopted about 40 years back is now more relevant than ever before, the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres mentioned on Thursday.

Guterres made these remarks as he addressed a UN General Assembly meeting to commemorate the 40th anniversary of both the opening and adoption for the signature of the UN Convention on Law of the Sea.

Adopted back in 1982, the convention had started a new chapter of worldwide maritime governance, and greatly has aided humanity in better understanding, protecting, and utilizing the sea.

Convention On The Law Of The Sea More Relevant Than Before
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Four decades back, the world embarked on a vital journey to establish governance and order to seas and oceans, Guterres elaborated, adding that the convention’s near-universal acceptance shows “fundamental importance” and the legal framework and related instruments to countries all over the world.

Today, the convention stands relevant than ever before. The ocean is indeed in dire straits, warned the UN chief.

About 35% of the fisheries in the world are overexploited, he stated, citing the increasing sea levels, acidifying of the oceans, dying and bleaching of coral reefs, and “epic floods” threatening the coastal cities as well as the small island developing states.

Greater ambition is required for the ocean and individuals counting on it, and the 40th anniversary of the convention should be a key reminder to keep using such a critical instrument to tackle the challenges of today, mentioned Guterres.

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