US Navy Ship That Toppled In Leith Dry Dock Injuring Dozens Is Now Righted And Afloat

A US Navy vessel toppled over a dry dock in Leith in strong winds is afloat after nearly six weeks since the major incident. Two tugs managed to manoeuvre the Petrel around the Imperial Dock based in Leith on Tuesday.

The 3,371-ton vessel tipped over on 22 March, sparking a massive emergency mission and leaving dozens injured.

The dry dock is thought to have been flooded to right the vessel on Sunday when images of the process flooded on social media platforms.

The vessel was leaning at a 45-degree angle.

US Navy Ship That Toppled In Leith Dry Dock
Credits: @Tomafc83 / Twitter

A spokesperson associated with the US Navy mentioned that work was undertaken to stabilize the vessel, which was then moved along the pier to permit further evaluation and much-needed repair work to be conducted.

The Health and Safety Executive (better known as the HSE) introduced an investigation after the Petrel reportedly got dislodged from its holding.

NHS Lothian further added that 23 individuals were treated in the hospital, and 12 of them were at the spot of the incident.

An HSE spokesperson mentioned that an HSE team is continuing work with Police Scotland on the ongoing examination of this incident.

The Petrel had reportedly been moored at the dockyard since 3 September 2020 owing to “operational challenges” from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The late co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen, who purchased the vessel to locate historically significant shipwrecks, once owned it.

Last year, the Isle of Man-registered ship was sold off to the US Navy and is currently being operated by the American-owned firm dubbed Oceaneering International.

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