Vessel Seized By Pirates Spotted About 540 Miles To The West Of Gulf Of Guinea

On Saturday, a Danish-owned vessel that was reportedly boarded by the pirates in the Gulf of Guinea was seen approximately 540 miles further off the shore on Tuesday, per a maritime cooperation center, which is monitoring security in that area.

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Denmark-based marine fuels supplier major Monjasa, the owner of Monjasa Reformer, mentioned on Tuesday that all communications channels with the vessel were inactive. The firm was not able to offer further details on Wednesday for security issues, a spokesperson mentioned.

Five armed men boarded the oil and chemical tanker named the Monjasa Reformer with the flag of Liberia about 140 miles to the west of the Port Pointe-Noire. The 16 crew members sought refuge in a safe room on the vessel, per the cooperation center.

Danish marine fuels major Monjasa, Monjasa Reformer’s owner, mentioned on Tuesday that communications networks with the vessel were non-functional.

On Wednesday, the firm was unable to extend details for security issues, a spokesperson mentioned.

Montec Ship Management, which runs the vessel reported this case at the Maritime Domain Awareness for Trade – Gulf of Guinea (better known as the GOG-MDAT), which is a cooperation center between the French and British navies to maintain security and safety in the waters of the Gulf of Guinea.

The Gulf of Guinea has emerged as a global piracy hot spot in recent times, even though cases have dropped since 2021 as relevant national authorities reportedly stepped-up security efforts assisted by foreign naval vessels, according to the UN Security Council.

Reference: The Print, Reuters

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