Video: Coast Guard’s Joyful “Christmas Tree Ship” Is All Geared To Set Sail

A holiday tradition is still alive in Cheboygan. On Tuesday, the crew members of the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw and the local volunteers reportedly loaded about 1,200 Christmas trees to get delivered to Chicago.

This tradition began back in 1999, but the motivation dates to 1912. The same year, the original and authentic Christmas tree vessel, the Rouse Simmons, reportedly capsized in a strong storm over Lake Michigan.

Video Credits: U.S. Coast Guard / YouTube

The Rouse Simmons helped extend the holiday happiness in the Windy City, transporting Christmas trees from forests of northern Michigan to be sold in Chicago. The Mackinaw now follows the course of Rouse Simmons and carries trees for families that are in need.

The Mackinaw is all scheduled to depart from Cheboygan on Saturday and reach Chicago on 2 Dec. The ceremony and giveaway will be held at Navy Pier on 3 Dec.

References: Cheboygan News, Wood TV

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