Video: Navy Landing Craft Sinks Off Kinmen County, All Crew Members On Board Safe

According to the ROC Naval Fleet Command, a Republic of China (ROC) Navy landing craft sank close to Taiwan’s offshore Kinmen County on Thursday after big waves and poor weather resulted in cabin flooding.

The Navy reported that Landing Craft Mechanized (LCM) 1326 completed replenishment and transport missions in the county and was sailing back to Taiwan proper as waves flooded its cabin.

The five crew members on the landing craft tried draining the water but were unsuccessful. The landing craft sank off Kinmen’s Liaoluo Bay at around 5:18 pm, with crew members rescued.

Video Credits: TaiwanPlus News / Youtube

The Navy’s Command is thoroughly scrutinizing the cause of the sinking.

Presidential Office Spokesman Xavier Chang mentioned on Thursday that President Tsai Ing-wen has been alerted about the incident and instructed the Ministry of National Defense to make sure that crew members get safely to the port and determine the real reason behind the incident as soon as possible.

Landing craft became prominent in World War II when amphibious forces used them to transport troops and equipment to the shore.

In 2020, during Taiwan’s Han Kuang military exercises, the landing craft was assigned a multipurpose role that involved intercepting equipment in the sea and deploying some shallow-water mines.

References: Focus Taiwan, Taipei Times

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