Video: Qatar’s FIFA Stadium “974” Constructed With Recycled Shipping Containers

The FIFA World Cup happening in Qatar has witnessed many of its firsts. It’s the first time ever that the tournament is being conducted in the Middle East. It is also the first to be played in winter in the northern hemisphere.

The Gulf country has reportedly come up with eight unique stadiums to hold the marquee event that’s being arranged in Asia for the second time following Japan and South Korea jointly hosting the 2002 edition.

Video Credits: Unbox Engineering / Youtube

A fascinating aspect of one of the stadiums built for the tournament is that it has been built entirely using recycled shipping containers. The stadium has been named “974”. It stands for the number of recycled shipping containers that were used for building the arena. The number “974” is also Qatar’s international dialing code. Stadium 974 is the first-ever demountable stadium in the entire history of World Cups.

The official Twitter handle of the FIFA World Cup reportedly shared 360-degree footage of Stadium 974. Needless to mention, it’s incredible.

Built with 974 shipping containers, the stadium can be dismantled and even re-purposed once the event is over. The 40,000-capacity “974” stadium is reportedly hosting six group-stage matches and even one Round of 16 encounters. It was announced initially that the arena would be titled the Ras Abu Aboud stadium.

References: Sports Brief, Indian Express, NDTV

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