Video: Ship Sank While Unloading Containers At Iskenderun Port

The 3120 DWT cargo ship, Sea Eagle, sailing under the Flag Of Togo, lost stability on 17th September during the offloading of containers.

As per news and videos, the ship was listed on the starboard side and then tiled portside after a while. It rested on the bottom stern, and many containers went overboard when it happened so suddenly.

The cause for its sinking has not been found. However, when it rose partially above the waterline and began to lose stability, the crew were alerted, and all left the ship safely. In no time, the vessel submerged in water.

Video Credits: Entertainments World / YouTube

Although investigations are ongoing, the number of containers lost or the possibility of an oil spill has not been determined yet. The wreck is surrounded by blooms. However, the cleaning and salvage operation is still underway. The ship had arrived from Mersin, Turkey, at Limak port on 17th September. As per crew reports, all onboard systems were functioning normally till then.

References: Fleetmon, Yenikonya

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