Video: Ukraine Claims Russian Landing Vessel Destroyed In Berdyansk

A Russian landing vessel was reportedly destroyed in the port city of Berdyansk, Ukraine’s officials claimed. On a social media platform, Ukraine’s Navy mentioned that the large landing vessel of the Black Sea fleet was dubbed Orsk, which eventually sank.

Video footage showed explosions and black smoke from a giant grey vessel. The post did not share other details about the explosion. It is also not clear yet if the incident had caused any military casualties.

A few news reports suggested that two other boats that were docked at the port had also been impaired. Russia’s defence ministry is, however, yet to reply to the claim.

russian ship claimed by ukrainians
Image Credits: @DefenceU – Twitter

This came through many days after Russia declared that Orsk, a Soviet-era landing vessel, was docked at the port of Berdyansk. Orsk is capable of transporting almost 1,500 tonnes of cargo.

A BBC report informed that the Berdyansk had been captured by Russia’s forces four days after initiating a military operation on Ukraine. The port is used by Russia’s forces to make ferry armaments and deliver other military equipment for the troops.

The ongoing war in Ukraine has been ongoing for a month. Since the war had started, many countries pledged to support Ukraine with sorts of military supplies.

The UK announced recently a new military assistance package, covering about 6,000 new defensive missiles as well as financial aid for Ukraine’s military.


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