Watch: China Rescues A Foreign Cargo Vessel With 21 Crew Members In The South China Sea

A foreign cargo vessel with 21 members of the crew has reportedly been towed to the Pearl River estuary, safely by a Chinese professional rescue vessel. The towing took place after the vessel had broken down in the South China Sea, off the Nansha Islands on 3 March.

At about 2:20 pm, the Panamanian cargo vessel reportedly suffered a main engine failure approximately 120 nm southwest of Wan’an Tan in the Nansha Islands of China.

Video Credits: CGTN / YouTube

It was not possible to repair the engine on-site, and the vessel reportedly drifted 90 nm southward by the time the report was received.

The vessel had 21 members of the crew on board but was not loaded with cargo. On receiving the report, the Nansha maritime search and rescue center dispatched a marine rescue vessel dubbed the “Nanhai Rescue 115” for the operation.

After nine days, the vessel was towed into the Pearl River estuary, after covering a distance of about 1,100 nms, overcoming unfavorable conditions like strong winds, deep water, and high waves.

References: CGTN, Global Herald

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