Watch: Chinese Tanker Split In Half Following An Explosion, Two Missing

Per reports from Chinese media, the Ministry of Transport’s Beihai Rescue Bureau got a notification sent by Shandong Provincial Maritime Search and Rescue Center regarding an explosion on a vacated oil tanker close to the area surrounding the Rizhao Sea.

When the blast took place, 17 individuals on board the tanker were trapped on the vessel. On receiving this report, the Beihai Rescue Bureau reportedly dispatched the “Beihai Rescue 115” to reach the scene.

Video Credits: 青蜂侠 / YouTube

On reaching, the vessel was able to rescue 15 members of the crew, while two stayed unaccounted for.

The rescue and search operation is asked to be underway for the two missing individuals.

The vessel was empty when the accident happened and was also deployed on a domestic trading channel between Tianjin and Shandong Qingdao.

References: Container News

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