Watch: Coast Guard Responds To A Sinking Vessel In The Waters Of Kinnickinnic River

Coast Guard Sector Lake Michigan reportedly responded on Monday to the eventual sinking of the towing ship, Michigan, on the Kinnickinnic River at the Port of Milwaukee.

Per the Coast Guard’s reports, the towing ship started taking on water at moorings and sank partially in about 26 feet of water.

The vessel was reportedly docked for winter, and no individual was present on board.

Video Credits: WISN 12 News / YouTube

The vessel has a potential of about 40,000 gallons of fuel and oil onboard. Relevant Coast Guard pollution responders have reportedly confirmed that the ship isn’t actively polluting. About 100 feet of the rugged boom with an absorbent material have allegedly been taken as a preventative step.

The Coast Guard’s focus at this time is marine environmental protection and the possible waterway impacts, Captain Seth Parker, the commander of Sector Lake Michigan, mentioned.

The Coast Guard does not know why the vessel began sinking, so it is unclear how long it might take to resolve everything.

There has been no threat to human or marine life now.

References: WISN, JS Online

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