Watch: Dry Cargo Vessel SEAMARK 21 Sinks With 3000 Tons Of Marble

The dry cargo vessel, SEAMARK 21, loaded with approximately 3000 tons of marble, reportedly split into two at the Novorossiysk anchorage. It eventually sank. 11 people who belonged to the Russian crew went missing.

The dry cargo vessel SEAMARK 21, loaded with about 3000 tons of marble, split in two at the Novorossiysk anchorage and eventually sank. The ship was sailing to Novorossiysk from Iskenderun.

Per the last AIS data received on 21 February at around 09:55, the vessel reached the Novorossiysk anchorage zone on 15 February and anchored.

The latest update from various sources suggests that the 11 crew members were rescued, but one passed away on the rescue vessel, while another is in critical condition.

References: Sea News, News2Sea

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