Watch: Indian Coast Guard Rescues Injured Filipino From Liberian Ship In The Arabian Sea

On Monday, February 13, the Coast Guard rescued a Filipino national from a merchant ship in Gujarat. The 57-year-old became unconscious after receiving head injuries and needed immediate hospitalization.

The Indian Coast Guard evacuated him from the Liberian ship MV Irenes Ray off the Arabian Sea and took him to a hospital in Porbandar. He was later taken to Rajkot for further treatment. When the incident happened, the vessel was on its way to Pakistan from Sri Lanka. 

Source: TV19 Gujarati/YouTube 

At around 4:30 pm on February 13, the ship sent a distress call to the Indian Coast Guard’s Maritime Rescue Sub Centre in Porbandar. The coast guard immediately sent the ICG ship Ankit for rescue, and the Filipino man was evacuated 200 km off the Porbandar coast.

The ICG medical team on the ship provided some medical relief at sea before taking him to the hospital. 

The ICG ship Ankit came in contact with the vessel at around 7:20 pm, and by 11 pm, the injured person was taken to Porbandar Harbour.

 References: Ahmedabad Mirror, Tribune India, The Print

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