Watch: Indian Coast Guard Successfully Rescued 19 Crew From Sinking Motor Tanker Parth

Indian Coast Guard saved 19 people, 19 Indians and an Ethiopian National, from a sinking vessel, the Motor Tanker Parth, sailing under the flag of Gabon. The 2008-built ship sank on Friday, the evening of 16th September, just 41 nautical miles from the coastline of Ratnagiri. 

The 102-metre ship was carrying Asphalt Bitumen 3911 MT and was headed to New Mangalore from UAE’s Khor Fakkan. The vessel crew reported flooding at 9:23 am. The Marine Rescue Coordination Centre geared up to rescue the crew members as soon as they received the distress call.

Video Credits: NationalDefence / YouTbe

Sujeet and Apoorva were the two coast guard vessels patrolling the area. The two ships were sent to aid the restless crew of Parth, waiting to be saved.

As nearby merchant ships were alerted of the situation, a light helicopter was sent, and the container vessel MV Wadi Bani Khalid also turned to Parth’s aid. It arrived at 12:30 pm, as did the coast guard vessel Sujeet. The helicopter reached in a few minutes, and rescue operations commenced.

The crew left the ship as they felt it could sink at any time. Per the Coast Guard IG, Manoj Baadkar, water ingress in its water ballast tanks led to its sinking. 

The fisheries department informed the fishermen as there might be oil leakage which could spread from Devgad to Malvan regions. 

Reference: IndianExpress, MSN

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