Watch: Man Swims A Few Meters Away From Getting Crushed By Huge Container Ship

On Monday (7th March 2022), a man, unidentified so far, was sailing in an inflatable raft off the Southampton coast, England. The small boat’s engine had broken down at one point.

A huge container ship was arriving his way. Unable to move his boat, the person had to jump and swim to prevent getting crushed by ‘Hapag Lloyd’ cargo vessel Al-Zubara that was loaded with thousands of containers.

A video capturing of the cargo vessel almost hitting the man who was in an inflatable raft has left several netizens indignant.

man swimming away from ship
Image Credits: Island Echo – YouTube

The swimmer was luckily pulled out of the water at the last minute by two men who were on another boat. Per Metro, the incident, filmed in Southampton, took place shortly after Al Zubara was headed for Le Havre in France.

Per officials of the Southampton port, the man was rescued by a patrol boat and rushed to a hospital. He was in a state of shock.

Reference: | Video Credits: Island Echo – YouTube

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