Watch: Merchant Ship Runs Aground Off The Moroccan Coast

A merchant ship, arriving from the port of Uruguay and sailing for Lebanon, reportedly ran aground off the Marina Samir coast in M’diq on Saturday, per local authorities associated with the M’diq-Fnideq prefecture.

The vessel’s grounding was due to an engine failure and extreme weather conditions mentioned in the same source.

Source: Zapping 2019/YouTube 

Immediately reporting the incident, the services and authorities concerned went to the scene, with the mobilization of humans and logistical means necessary that permitted to rescue of eight crew members of the vessel. In contrast, search and rescue efforts continued to find a missing individual.

The response teams are concentrating on safeguarding the coastline from pollution in the face of a potential fuel leak from the vessel’s tank.

A military helicopter and necessary equipment have also been mobilized for the same purpose.

References: Assahifa, Morocco World News

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