Watch: Oil Tanker Catches Fire Near Malaysia, 3 Crew Members Missing

Search efforts are underway for three missing crew members after an oil tanker registered with Gabon caught fire off the southern Malaysian coast, relevant Malaysian maritime authorities mentioned in a statement.

The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) reported receiving an alert at about 4 pm local time on Monday about a tanker on fire, approximately 37.5 nm northeast of the coastal region in Tanjung Sedili, Johor.

The oil tanker set sail to Singapore from China with 28 crew members when it unexpectedly caught fire, MMEA informed.

Video Credits: Kanal13 / YouTube

A naval patrol vessel was dispatched to the spot to rescue the individuals on board, per MMEA. Fortunately, 23 members of the crew could be saved by the two ships in the vicinity, First Admiral Nurul Hizam Zakaria, MMEA’s director, explained.

While two crew members could be rescued, three continue to be missing, he added.

Ongoing operations include investigations to check if the trio had abandoned the oil tanker, jumped into the sea, or been trapped.

Relevant maritime authorities based in Singapore mentioned that they had been broadcasting alerts to ships nearby to keep an eye out for the three missing crew members.

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore identified the oil tanker as MT Pablo.

Videos reflected the tanker on fire, with huge plumes of black smoke going up in the air. Other vessels were also spotted close by.

It is not clear right now if there have been widespread ecological impacts.

References: Edition CNN, SeaTrade

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