Watch: Rare Footage Of Titanic Wreck From First Dive

On February 15, WHOI or Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, released an 80-minute video of rare footage of the Titanic shipwreck from their 1986 expedition dive. The footage uploaded on their YouTube channel shows the Titanic in a never seen way by dive expert Robert Ballad.

This was the first time the wreckage was filmed after being located by the team on September 1, 1985, at a depth of 12400 ft. This comes at a time when James Cameron’s iconic film ‘Titanic’ completed its 25th anniversary on February 10. 

Source: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 

The director visited the wreckage while researching for the film, and he acknowledged the team’s great work, especially the news release, which tells important stories of generations travelling around the world.

The footage shows the ship’s chandelier and other metallic portions being eaten by bacteria as they form rusticles. 

References: Wion News, The Hindu


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