Watch: Sailor Shares Surprising Footage While Exploring Real-Life Ghost Vessel Discovered Drifting In The Ocean

A sailor recently shared new footage of the moment he reportedly stumbled upon an eerie ghost vessel about 800 miles outside Bermuda with no crew members or guests.

Matt Rutherford and his colleague associated with the Ocean Research Project reportedly found the abandoned vessel and worried something terrible may have happened to the crew on board.

The incredible video of Rutherford exploring the boat as it drifted via the Atlantic Ocean emerged five days back, even though the discovery occurred in 2013.

In the video, the yachties observed the sail wasn’t up on the boat, and it seemed to be acting strangely away in the distance. On examining closely, the duo realised that there were no signs of anyone and the motor wasn’t functional.

Credits: ONE NEWS / YouTube

In deciding to explore the boat, Rutherford said it was an abandoned sailboat.

After searching the ship, Rutherford set up the camera to check what he has seen. He said he was 800 miles from Bermuda, and 1,500 from the US, standing on a Swan 48 in the middle of the ocean.

The video was filmed in 2013 but has been shared now. Rutherford is famous in the sailing community. In 2017, he was the first to finish a singlehanded, non-stop voyage around South and North America.

Rutherford and his crew reportedly hooked up Swan 48 with a strong rope and did all they could to tow the larger and heavier vessel to Bermuda.

They had been running significantly low on fuel after spending 47 days at the ocean, so they convinced a freighter passing by to stop and donate 50 gallons of its diesel.

Parts of the ceiling on the ship had fallen in some places, some drawers also popped open, and one could hear the sound of water sloshing. It was the spookiest thing, according to the researcher. It looked crazy, like individuals had somehow abandoned it in the middle of something.

Rutherford said they continued to pull the abandoned vessel with sail power for three more days, but poor weather indicated that they had to cut it free when the tow line wrapped around the rudder.

He said that the wind dropped after cutting free the ghost vessel, and his shipmates were becalmed for about 23 days in the Atlantic before making it to Bermuda.

References: MSN, Express

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