Watch: Seafarer On Ship’s Deck In Heavy Weather And Turbulent Waves

Bravery and strength are needed to sail a ship across a stormy sea. Similar to this, a sailor held his ground and resisted being pushed around by waves, resulting in a hair-raising video that has since gained popularity on social media sites.

Credit: @WowTerrifying/Twitter

The sailor can be seen standing on what looks to be the ship’s side deck while wearing safety gear in the brief video that Twitter user Wow Terrifying shared.

Aside from showing how the ship is moving ahead while being battered by big waves, the video clip also shows this. The deck of the ship can also be seen getting wet from the sea, yet the sailor is steadfastly holding his place.

I can smell danger and salt water, the caption for the video said. Since being shared on Friday, the video has received 4.2 million views. It is still unknown where the undated clip was produced, though.

Reference: The Indian Express

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