Watch: Several Turkish Ports Out Of Action Following A Massive Earthquake

Turkey was hit by a massive earthquake that took the lives of at least 4,000 individuals, while many ports were affected and continue to be out of action.

Mainly, Iskenderun, an important port on the Mediterranean, encountered structural damages besides a severe blaze.


Owing to the earthquake, there was a fire in the container yard, which spread rapidly, and box stacks reportedly collapsed across the port.

Besides, operations at Mersin International Port were suspended as examinations took place.
What is more, pipeline oil flows via the port of Ceyhan in Turkey were suspended temporarily as examinations began to check the condition of the pipelines.

The earthquake was registered as 7.8, termed “major” on the magnitude scale. It broke along about 100km of the fault line, resulting in crucial damage to buildings close to the fault.
Rescue efforts are in progress, and the number of those who lost their lives were displaced and injured is likely to climb.

The initial quake was reportedly followed by dozens of strong aftershocks, including one recorded at a magnitude of 7.5. This was also in the same fault zone of south-central Turkey. Most of the damage is in central and northern Syria and southern Turkey.
References: Times Of India

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