World Bank Report Lauds JN Port’s Remarkable 22-Hour Turnaround Time for Box Ships

The Jawaharlal Nehru Port – the top state-run container port of India- can turn around container vessels in 0.9 days or 22 hours, as depicted in the Logistics Performance Index Report 2023 provided by the World Bank.

It is our country’s highest state-run container port by volumes managed and the second largest overall.

Popular as the TAT, the turnaround time of a vessel indicates the time a ship first reports at the anchorage of a specific port to the tie it takes to sail out from the berth. It reflects a port’s efficiency.

Jawaharlal nehru port
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The TAT for container ships at Jawaharlal Nehru Port is among the best per World Bank. It places India on the list of the best performers.

The JNPA could achieve this feat owing to several measures adopted to lower the dwell time.

JNPA’s chair, Sanjay Sethi, mentioned that the operational efficiency of terminal operators was the greatest contributor besides improved landside road and rail connectivity, the launch of Centralized Parking Plaza (CPP), digitalizing procedures, streamlining unberthing and berthing, and deploying more tugs to ensure smooth ship movements.

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