World’s First Autonomous Liquid Hydrogen Vessel Gets £3.8 Million From The UK Govt

The UK Government has reportedly awarded £3.8 million in funding to a consortium that is attempting to come up with the first-ever autonomous liquid hydrogen vessel and a unique bunkering infrastructure in the world.

The £5.4 million assignment from the Hydrogen Innovation–Future Innovation and Vessel Evaluation and Demonstration (better known as HI-FIVED), led by Unitrove and ACUA.

Ocean envisions building and demonstrating a bunkering infrastructure and autonomous vessel technologies for liquid hydrogen to result in the decarbonization of the maritime industry.

Autonomous Liquid Hydrogen Vessel
Source: Unitrove

Unitrove is expected to deploy mobile fueling technology in the Port of Aberdeen in support of ACUA’s proposal for building and managing the first-ever maritime autonomous surface ship in the world to be fuelled by liquid hydrogen and delivered in 2024 by autumn.

This initiative is further envisaged to build a domestic and green maritime corridor between ad the Orkney and Shetland Islands and Aberdeen, with freight transported by hydrogen-powered autonomous vessels.

The Port of Aberdeen, Zero Emissions Maritime Technologies, the University of Southampton, NASH Maritime, Trident Marine Electrical, and Composite Manufacture and Design are part of the HI-FIVED consortium.

The HI-FIVED assignment, funded by the Department of Transport’s Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition Round 3 (CMDC3) of the UK in association with Innovate UK, is intended to assist in decarbonization when it comes to UK shipping.

The government reportedly committed £60 million as part of the CMDC3 to 19 flagship assignments sponsored by 92 UK organizations to deliver real-world demonstrations of R&D initiatives in clean maritime solutions. Projects will be held in sites across the UK, from the Shetland Islands to Cornwall.

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