World’s First-ever 3D-Printed Yacht Boasts A “Tree Of Life” Inspired By Avatar

As founder of the New York- and Milan-based design agency dubbed Forakis Design, Forakis is carving out a niche as an innovator with a relentless passion for generative design. 

He is fascinated with the opportunities 3D printing and AI-driven computer-aided design (CAD) might introduce to yachting — his most recent project, PEGASUS, is a prime example of such potential.

The yacht envisioned to be crafted with 3D technology, is designed to be in harmony with nature. She boasts reflective “solar wings” that make the model appear to vanish on the huge waves and is powered by solar-electric or hydrogen hybrid systems with nil emissions. 

She has a multilevel hydroponic garden, which the designer calls the “tree of life”, to offer passengers fresh food and air purification.

3D Printed Invisible Ship Design
Source: Forakis Design

Jozeph Forakis, the designer of Forakis Design, is passionate about next-gen technologies, materials, and processes. And these, to borrow from Ezio Manzini, offer unique “material for invention.” As a designer, the essence of “invention” or “discovery” lies in seeking new approaches and solutions to new and old issues. 

As an artist, it is in striving to learn new languages to express new realities and behaviours.

Jozeph strives to address humanistic needs in harmony with the environment.

Sailing is one of the most beautiful ways to come close to nature, yet motor yachts have unfortunately become synonymous with the reckless exploitation of natural resources. 

PEGASUS is a severe and notable dream to radically transform this — in perception and reality — based on scientific facts, not fiction.

The concept has been well-researched and based on advanced technologies that may need more development to meet performance objectives at scale. By estimation, it is a well-achievable, albeit aggressive, target for 2030.

Once fulfilled, it will have the ability to transform, not merely the yachting industry, but others, and that also includes shipping.

The initial vision was to design a superior yacht in a way it appears if a cloud is floating above the sea: to occupy a form of water + air, the clouds, when hovering above the other, the sea, extend ultimate comfort, protection, and power to explore while being in harmony with nature. 

When considering how to achieve this, Jozeph was inspired by Diller & Scoffidio’s exceptional “Blur Building”; for the 2002 Swiss Expo, besides Berndnaut Smilde’s recent cloud installations.

The much-awaited question is: How does the “tree of life” work, and what is behind such an inspiration?

Hydroponic farming is advanced and will be an essential technology to help feed the world soon. The vessel has integrated the system as its key architectural and design feature and as a reminder of our collective natural origins.

Jozeph loves the movie Avatar but cannot claim it to be a conscious inspiration even though the designer thinks that most individuals fail to realize what a brilliant innovator James Cameron is, including his contributions to deep-sea exploration craft.

Coming to the dream owner of Pegasus, Jozeph dreams of a visionary who cares about the collective sustainable future and wishes to contribute to advancing in that direction. Elon Musk, per the designer, could be the perfect owner, or perhaps, James Cameron.

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