World’s Largest Very Large Gas Carrier (VLGC) Unveiled In Shanghai

One day before it was supposed to be delivered to its owner Petredec Global in Singapore, the largest Very Large Gas Carrier in the world, constructed by Jiangnan Shipyard in China, was on show in Shanghai on Tuesday.

Largest Gas Delivery Ship
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According to Jiangan Shipyard, a division of China State Shipbuilding Corp., the largest shipbuilder in the world, the vessel conforms with the most recent rules and criteria on emissions and has up to 93,000 cubic metres of carrying capacity of liquefied gas.

The Harzand ship is 36.6 metres in width and 230 metres in length. This ship is the first of the fourth generation VLGC-type that Jiangnan Shipyard independently created and designed. According to Dong Sanguo, the principal designer, the VLGC is also the largest dual-fuel, liquified petroleum gas-powered VLGC in the world.

Wei Xiaoyong, the primary constructor of the VLGC, argued that the creation of this ship demonstrates that we are establishing the bar for constructing VLGC ships, which is predicted to aid us in obtaining more orders from customers.

Jiangnan Shipyard has gotten orders for 52 ships since getting its first VLGC ship in 2012, including 14 of the 93,000 cubic metre ships.

Wei asserts that the Shanghai-based shipyard, which was previously long controlled by shipbuilding firms in Japan and South Korea, is in the lead in the global VLGC market with a 24.7 percent share of all VLGC orders.

Wei claims that Jiangnan Shipyard, a latecomer, has recently caught up to its rivals and has become a market leader in the production of VLGC ships.

The VLGC ship is the 17th ship that Jiangnan Shipyard has delivered to Petredec, with five more on the way, according to Philip Harwood, worldwide fleet director of Petredec worldwide, who was present at the naming event.

Hu Keyi, the head of corporate technology at Jiangnan Shipyard, made a comment about how small local shipbuilders in the past seemed to recognize the superiority of foreign management, engineering, and manufacturing abilities. Jiangnan, however, turned it down.

Reference: China Daily, Gaming Deputy

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