Yara Marine’s FuelOpt Demonstrates Significant Fuel Savings

Rederiet Stenersen AS and Ektank AB have confirmed that vessels with Yara Marine Technologies’ propulsion optimization system FuelOpt have achieved fuel savings of 10% and above. This has been independently analyzed and confirmed by the software and data services company NAPA. The findings documented a 17.9% increase in fuel savings for Stenersen’s Sten Bothnia over 12 months, while Ektank’s Ekfjord realized 10.3% fuel savings over 24 months.

Fuel Savings
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Christopher Stenersen, Environmental Advisor at Rederiet Stenersen AS, said: “These impressive fuel savings demonstrate the success of our emissions reduction strategies – implemented nearly a decade ago – to ensure greener operations onboard our fleet. With pressing decarbonization targets in shipping and rising demand for ESG reporting, Yara Marine’s FuelOpt has allowed us to demonstrate clear and consistent operational improvements, while also enabling us to identify gaps and opportunities in our current procedures.

The Stenersen fleet was one of the earliest adopters of FuelOpt, completing our fleet-wide implementation between 2014-2016. It remains an essential solution for us, which is evident by our decision to install it on 4 more vessels recently added to our fleet.”

The tankers involved in the study by NAPA were equipped with controllable pitch propellers, and the main savings from the FuelOpt system on these vessels came from efficiency gains through dynamic optimization of propeller pitch and engine power.

Compared to a combinator curve, where each lever position is used for setting a predetermined pitch and RPM combination, FuelOpt regulates propeller pitch and engine power separately and dynamically to operate the engine and propeller at optimal conditions. This means the system is able to combine any pitch with any RPM, and allows the system to utilize this flexibility to optimize energy use by achieving the maximum amount of propeller thrust with the minimum amount of power spent.

Fredrik Farsén, Vessel Manager at Ektank AB, said: “For more than 10 years, our goal has been to streamline vessel operations and improve overall efficiency onboard, which is what led us to install FuelOpt across our fleet. The availability of historical operational data in various weather and loading conditions gathered by FuelOpt has enabled us to analyze and evidence real benefits from the system, and has helped us enhance the fuel efficiency of our voyages.

In addition to significantly reducing the environmental footprint of our fleet, the immediate fuel savings offer significant cost benefits, particularly as fuel prices in the market have continued to fluctuate.”

The FuelOpt system allows the bridge crew to have direct control of the vessel’s speed, fuel consumption, or engine power – or a combination thereof – via an intuitive and easy-to-use panel on the bridge. Once FuelOpt is activated, the system controls the vessel’s propulsion based on the commands set by the crew, and also adapts propulsive power to changing environmental conditions, thereby removing costly variations in speed and power.

This increases operational efficiency and results in real-time fuel savings and emissions reductions, both for vessels with controllable pitch propellers and vessels with fixed propellers. Depending on the trade, operating conditions, and vessel setup, vessels with controllable pitch propellers typically see fuel savings between 5% and 15%.

Mikael Laurin, Head of Vessel Optimization at Yara Marine Technologies, said: “Close collaboration between shipowners, operators, charterers, and clean technology providers is key to achieving our industry’s decarbonization targets, and feedback is a vital component of the process. Our shared commitment to reducing emissions and enabling sustainable operations has made our collaborations with Stenersen and Ektank a privilege.

As early adopters of our FuelOpt system – and with Stenersen also testing our cloud-based AI-powered ship operation support system Route Pilot AI – they have demonstrated significant trust in our ability to help them achieve enhanced efficiency and emissions reductions.”

Pekka Pakkanen, Executive Vice President of Shipping Solutions at NAPA, said: “It was a pleasure to evaluate and confirm the fuel savings with FuelOpt onboard these vessels. We are happy to be the preferred partner for shipping companies and technology providers, and to help advance our shared journey to decarbonized shipping.”

Reference: My News Desk

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