Zamil Offshore To Deploy Internet-of-Things (IoT) Infrastructure On 60 Vessels

Offshore services major named Zamil Offshore is set to roll out its advanced Internet-of-Things (IoT) system to assist in the performance optimization of over 60 vessels in the Gulf area, following its agreement with Inmarsat.

The system will incorporate Inmarsat’s Fleet Connect and Fleet Data items, delivered with the help of Fleet Xpress VSAT service of the satellite operator. The set-up has been trialled on the anchor tug of the fleet, Zamil 57. It will be deployed on the other vessels to help identify the leading methods to meet optimum vessel performance expectations that Saudi Aramco, the charterer, sets.

Fleet Connect is expected to provide dedicated bandwidth for supporting the vessel’s CCTV capabilities and other value-added facilities. In contrast, Fleet Data will support data analytics activities for sustainability and efficiency.

Zamil Offshore
Credits: Zamil Offshore

Inmarsat has been involved in this project deeply from the start, offering immense support and guidance in securing much-awaited value-added services that will permit meeting Saudi Aramco’s demands in terms of performance monitoring and surveillance, mentioned Fredrik Lang, the Technical Manager of Zamil Offshore.

All credit to the scalability of the IoT solution; more applications can be added on, and there is also an opportunity to evaluate various options to establish what perfectly meets the needs of the contract. New applications dedicated to vessel digitalization are surfacing, and it is delightful how Fleet Xpress permits us to come across the leading providers without getting locked in.

The implementation program will see a pilot of Videosoft Global’s live-video transmission and compression facilities for delivering CCTV feeds, supported over Inmarsat’s Fleet Connect – the dedicated bandwidth channel.
Capabilities that are related to vessel performance management will be extended by VPS deploying the Maress software package.

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